Rail-Related News, Friday, May 31, 2019

San Francisco Muni T-Third Street light rail vehicle.

SMART proposes gold-plated expansion from Marin/Sonoma to Napa & Solano Counties: $1 billion+

A complete, unabridged history of the Transbay Transit Center

San Francisco Muni light rail service a total mess

San Francisco Muni new light rail cars have coupling issues

Uber and Lyft cause as many problems as they solve: account for 2/3 of S.F. traffic increases over six years

BART ridership declining due to cleanliness, crime, homeless issues: causing budget shortfalls

So They Say Dept.: Transbay Transit Center could reopen “as soon as June”

Opinion: High Speed Rail is Good, But Not This One

Encinitas double track project completed

Marin Grand Jury calls for more SMART options

[Editorial:] SMART needs to meet its current promises before any expansion

Polls show support for Caltrain sales tax in 2020, but is proposed amount enough?

Trump Administration cancels $929 million grant for California high-speed rail

SMART to pursue $364 million to construct extensions to Healdsburg and Cloverdale

[Editorial:] Newsom shouldn’t blame Trump for trimming federal losses on high-speed rail

BART tries “show of force” to cut down fare evasion

A “Riverboat Gamble” even for Vega$: contract to build underground tunnel system with Musk’s “Boring Company”

This is what fares from Milpitas and Berryessa BART stations will cost

State of California claims high-speed rail grant cut was “payback” by Trump for opposition to border wall

Bullet train work continues in Central Valley despite lawsuit, barbs tossed between Newsom and Trump

Everything we know about BART extension to Milpitas and Berryessa station in San Jos

Los Angeles Metro hires a contractor to build the Purple Line subway to West L.A

BART eyes fare hikes of 16% over six years as ridership slumps

BART considers new fare gates designed to stop fare evaders

You can be filthy rich, but still lack common sense (Twitter war between BART and Elon Musk, trains vs. cars in expensive tunnels)

SMART board of directors considering seeking sales tax extension as soon as March 2020

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Los Angeles Union Station is 80 years old in 2019.

[Opinion] Let’s raise the gas tax! target=”_blank”

Bay Area establishment wants new taxes focusing on new Bay crossings

Brightline trains in Florida growing pains

[National Geographic] To build the city of future, we need to limit auto usage

Why Governor Newsom has doubts about high speed rail and other big infrastructure projects

San Diego’s Mid-Coast Trolley construction reaches halfway point

A revolution in how freight railroad operate upends how freight moves

Uh, oh! Motorheads! Congestion pricing looming for San Francisco area

BART extension to San Jose faces yet more delays

New highway bridge across San Francisco Bay would lead to parking woes

California high-speed rail CEO has new plan to reach San Jose, “center of their universe” (sic) [PAYWALL]

SMART considers early renewal of sales tax, reducing fares for low income riders

BART extension to San Jose: “it’s complicated”

BART puts more force into crackdown on fare evaders

Shrink and MTC bureaucrat on radio: “Learning to Accept Bay Area Traffic”

Well, bridge tolls will continue to be increased as lawsuit tossed

Transbay Transit Center repair work creep forward

Maps show destruction of U.S. urban rail systems from early 20th Century to now

Early June reopening of the Transbay Transit Center appears possible

BART’s ride gets bumpier as current General Manager announces her retirement

Though high-speed rail moves forward in San Joaquin Valley, many residents still oppose it

Kansas City streetcar fuels economic boom

S.F. Muni plans to speed up T-3rd St line by eliminating midline “switchbacks”

SMART seeks to extend its sales tax beyond 2028 to finance bonds, among other things

110 mph rail corridors connecting Detroit to Ann Arbor and Toledo proposed

New S.F. Muni Metro trains have defective doors

Editorial: New track for BART

Transbay Transit Center repairs almost complete, but reopening date is still uncertain

BART approves license plate readers for station parking lots, “…to fight crime…”

BART crackdown on fare evaders negatively impacts wheelchair users

How California high-speed rail was railroaded by high-priced consultants

S.F. Muni locks back doors of new light rail vehicles after woman caught and dragged by them

There is no money for Vermont Ave rail line, but L.A. Metro continues to study it

Los Angeles Union Station turns 80

Los Angeles Metro board wants some high-speed rail money for its own projects

San Diego County regional planning authority proposes huge transit expansion program

Its been 150 years since the Transcontinental Railroad opened

San Francisco’s Central Subway opening delayed AGAIN, from 2019 to 2020

The Richmond-San Rafael Bridge is falling down, falling down…

Costs for high-speed rail may increase by $1.8 billion

California’s high-speed rail may start with diesel trains

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Know how to press the right buttons is key to BART train operators’ job

Journal of an “unnecessary” trip across the U.S. via Amtrak long-distance train

A design for “very light rail” automated rail services

Utah wants to upgrade Front Runner from diesel to electric, more double-tracking for 15-minute service, but lacks the funding

Public transit infrastructure needs at least $232 billion according to American Public Transit Association

Contract disputes may further delay opening of S.F.’s Central Subway

Bay Area voters apparently willing to pay more sales taxes for transportation fixes, not so much for affordable housing

$100 million Kansas City streetcar fuels $2 billion+ real estate boom

Stubborn university guilty of federal science research fraud forces cancellation of light rail system in North Carolina

Lyft IPO funding extends company’s pending bankruptcy two more years to 2023

Rogue streetcar operator printed his own S.F. Muni timetables before Muni finally decided they needed to, too

A good use of congestion pricing revenues: improve regional train services

Seeing Canada by train

In a first, New York state legislators approve congestion pricing for Manhattan, using funds to rebuild subway system

Rail is a lot cleaner than driving or flying (and more fuel efficient, too, when operated properly)

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Rail-Related News, Monday, March 18, 2019

Advances in battery technology drive new approach to streetcar and bus projects

You can’t ride a train directly from Modesto to San Francisco, but that will change in the future

Facebook and other private money may drive new rail service across Dumbarton
SMART’s review of its fare structure could occur soon, or next year

[Commentary] Why not try a “faster” speed rail system first? It could work now

From the Dark Side Dept.: Lyft IPO shows billion dollar loss. Will the IPO succeed?

/And the Sun Rises in the East Dept: Improve transit service, increase ridership (and keep bums off the buses)

Trump plan to end high-speed rail funding “rash and unlawful”

New S.F. Muni Metro seats not popular with riders

BART fare gate jumpers rarely wind up paying tickets

Caltrain to sell naming rights to stations, etc.

The Bay Area’s biggest transportation projects

Grant will help with project to double-track Capitol Corridor near Levi (49’er) Stadium in Santa Clara

BART to spend nearly $100 million to repair broken-down escalators in San Francisco

Los Angeles International Airport people-mover to break ground

BART claims “new technology” would have prevented recent system-wide meltdown

Nearly 50 years after system opening, BART “add-fare” machines to finally accept credit and debit cards

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Rail-Related News, Tuesday, February 26, 2019 88.6% High-Speed Rail Edition

Ron Diridon, Sr. For which the Caltrain/Amtrak Station in San Jose is named

Former Santa Clara County supervisor Rod Diridon–the not-yet-dead politician for which the Caltrain/Amtrak station in downtown San Jose is named–chimes in

No, Governor Newsom did not kill high-speed rail. What is his Plan B?

California’s high-speed rail is still on. But how will it move forward?

How high-speed rail went off the rails

Why California’s bullet train remains a distant dream

Trump’s Federal Railroad Administration intents to cancel last increment of high-speed rail funding

Trump Administration cancels funding for California high-speed rail, wants $2.5 billion already spent back

Trump Administration cancels last $929 million for high-speed rail, wants already spent funding back

California high-speed rail CEO says the program will go on, despite Trump’s threats

California transportation future will be a wild ride

Why plans for high-speed rail keep riding off the rails in the U.S.

S.F. Muni officials under pressure to improve subway service

Border wall vs. high-speed rail? War of words between California and Trump explodes

How trains under the Bay–not high-speed rail–may connect the Bay Area and Sacramento

Can Gavin Newsom put high-speed rail back on track? He may need involuntary help from Trump

Will California high-speed rail be derailed by waffling governor and a petty president?

Newsom can thank Trump for saving him from his high-speed rail flub

War of words between California and Trump over high-speed rail may only be beginning

Battle over high-speed rail money is part of Trump’s war on California

Trump rescues Newsom: Too bad the feds didn’t cut off California’s bullet train sooner

Dan Walters: It’s time to derail the train to nowhere

Can Trump take back California high-speed rail money that has already been spent? A look at the battle ahead

Governor Newsom faces challenges in taking high-speed rail forward

Is there enough room in the new Transbay Terminal for the planned level of Caltrain service?

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Rail-Related News, Friday, February 15, 2019, 99.8% High-Speed Rail Edition

A Reality Now? Source: California Political Review (http://www.capoliticalreview.com/)

Governor Newsom’s plan cutting back high-speed rail a big blow to the Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco

(Editorial) Newsom cuts back high-speed rail to San Joaquin Valley

Newsom’s confusing high-speed rail stance leaves downtown extension to Transbay Transit Center in limbo

(Editorial) Will Newsom’s cut back of high-speed rail and water tunnels fix problems, or create new ones?

(Editorial) Abandoning high-speed rail would be a mistake for California, the country and the planet

California scales back high-speed train

Newsom stirs high-speed rail furor and confusion

Silicon Valley politicians hold out hope for Merced-San Jose high-speed rail connection

Newsom scales back LA-SF- high-speed train

Governor Newsom kicks S.F. high-speed rail down the tracks

MTC undertaking “scenario planning” for its next regional transportation plan

There’s nothing ridiculous about trains replacing plans. But there’s a better way than current CA high-speed rail

From the original anti-high-speed railers at the “Reason Foundation”

“Sanity Reaches Sacramento” from the original anti-rail railfan, Randal O’Toole, with the usual inane comments

New TexRail line in Fort Worth is popular, prompting calls for major expansion

“Shocking” cut to California’s troubled high-speed rail project solves some problems and creates others

Link to LA Times collection of high-speed rail articles

Newsom says high-speed rail serving the Central Valley is not a “train to nowhere”

Governor Newsom’s office clarifies his high-speed rail comments

California’s high-speed rail by the numbers

The California high-speed train that wasn’t: the opportunity cost of mega-projects

Conservative Washington Examiner declares ditching California high-speed rail is end of “Green New Deal” before the latter even begins

Another column by a conservative “Why the United States will never have high-speed rail”

California trims its high-speed rail ambitions

California drastically cuts its high-speed rail plan–latest example of the U.S. failing to do what the rest of the world has figured out

Gavin Newsom to scale back, not abandon, California’s high-speed rail

Is high speed rail in the U.S. ever going to happen?

California high-speed rail: world’s most expensive streetcar project?

“California high-speed rail is still on”

Editorial: S.F. must salvage Caltrain extension to Transbay Transit Center

Trump demands California return high-speed rail money as confusion spreads about Newsom’s plan

The confusion is “full steam ahead” after Governor Newsom’s high-speed rail announcements

Bullet train went from peak California innovation to the project from hell

Did dream of high-speed trains die in California and the U.S.? No, it still could be a reality

Opinion: California high-speed rail is Still On

Opinion: It’s a change in direction for high-speed rail in California, not its end

Is California’s controversial bullet train still headed to the Bay Area?

Editorial: Newsom injects reality into Brown’ bullet train delusion, but still wants to throw good money after bad

Is Gavin Newsom right to slow down California’s high-speed train?

Someone Looked At A Map Dept.: high-speed rail Central Valley can already connect to Bay Area via existing tracks

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