Connecting California: Improve San Joaquins

Here is an interesting article I came across while websurfing that reinforces TRAC’s points about improving the San Joaquins:

1.2 Million Passengers. One Single Track: California May Not Need That $68 Billion Bullet Train. But It Sure As Heck Needs More Rail Capacity.

The “money quote” is:

Fun, yes, but also frustrating. Why are we still relying on single tracks owned by freight lines to move passengers on trains through the Central Valley? I’ve dumped on high-speed rail for years—for outlandish ridership projections, for its failure to attract private investment, for not starting with a connection between L.A. and San Diego—and even the idea’s backers are worried it will cost too much. But high-speed rail does provide solutions to the gaps Ben and I encountered firsthand. It would provide a proper route for rail passengers through the Tehachapis. It would provide a dedicated track for passenger rail in the Central Valley. And it would connect the state in ways that we have otherwise failed to do.

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