Current California Rail News

Current California Rail News (CRNs) are available below:

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May-September 2017

• Metro: Transit Provider or Developer? — LA Union Station Quandry
• The Latest on High Speed Rail and Caltrain Electrification
• Coast Observations
• TRAC’s Integration Plan for San Joaquins & Altamont Commuter Express
• Coachella Valley Trains Could Be Winners – With Better Plan
• “Electric Fast Freight” in California? Moving Short-Distance Truck Freight to Rail
• Intercity Trains Need to Be Fast! They Are Not Commuter Trains

January-April 2017

• TRAC Rail Vision: Faster Trains, Through North-South Service
• President’s Corner
• The Impending Death of California’s HSR Authority
• Coast Observations
• Getting Smart: Region’s Newest Passenger Rail System to Roll Starting Spring ’17
• Rail Viable for North Bay’s Highway 37 Corridor: Rail an Order of Magnitude Cheaper Than Billions for Road Expansion
• Palmdale-Burbank Tunnel Route: Alternative E-2 Is A Short-Cut Only on Paper
• Many transportation sales taxes pass, but not in Contra Costa, San Francisco, Sacramento, Placer or San Diego Counties
• Morocco HSR Project Overtakes California: $2.5 Billion, 115 Mile Line Links 200 Miles of Coast

April-July 2016

• Latest High Speed Business Plan No More Viable Than Past Plans
• TRAC’s Principles for High Speed Rail Success
• President’s Corner
• The HSR Decision – Too Soon to Cut Off Funds
• New Legislation Provides Major Improvements to HSR Oversight
• Coast Observations
• Tejon or Tehachapi? What History Tells Us – Even The Old Ridge Route Beat Passenger Trains in 1920’s
• The Capitol Corridor’s Progressive Vision Plan
• HSR in the Southland – Will TBMs Get Stuck?
• Sacramento’s ‘Zombie’ Streetcar Refuses to Di, Threatens Light Rail & Bus System
• SF Mayor’s Railyards Study Sidetracks DTX

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