Latest California Rail News

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Rail-Related News, Saturday, September 8, 2018


California Rail-Related News Items from September 1st to September 7th

Canadian national government to kick in $1.37 billion ($Can) for Broadway subway and light rail in Vancouver, B.C.

Solano County planners proposing changes to zoning around the new Fairfield-Vacaville train station

San Francisco Muni launches “90-day plan” to speed up bus and light rail service

New York City Mayor DeBlasio reopens campaign for his proposed Brooklyn-Queens streetcar

Opinion: The “truth” about DeBlasio’s proposed Brooklyn-Queens streetcar

Florida’s Brightline intercity rail might add 1 or 2 “Treasure Coast” stations, e.g., where opposition is strongest

Hey, Free Transit Welfare (sic) for Seniors in Greater Philly – but you gotta live there ;-0

Interactive maps show where streetcars used to run in Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco

Trains go really slow in and out of San Jose Caltrain/Amtrak station

California approves $2 billion for infrastructure, rail projects

1896 streetcar to run at S.F. Muni Heritage Weekend

Roadshow: More ways to lower Caltrain ticket costs

Some Phoenix, AZ politicians want to divert voter-approved taxes from light rail expansion to roads, characterized as “4 lanes to 2 lanes” by press

And the Sun Rises in East Dept.: [S.F.] Muni better than it used to be, but not as good as it should be

From the Dark Side Dept.: Southern Californians buying fewer cars (!)

LA Times Opinion: Feds, e.g., Trump, needs to stop blocking “Subway to the Sea” funding

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Rail-Related News, Thursday, August 30, 2018

This has absolutely nothing to do with transit and rail, but it’s cute! Have good Labor Day weekend!

Replacing BART turnstiles may cost up to $200 million

When will San Francisco truly be “transit first?”

BART starting to much more closely monitor activity at Civic Center station

Railcar manufacturing partnerships may be in L.A. Metro’s future

S.F. Muni chief vows to reduce Muni bus and rail delays within 90 days

California high-speed rail costs escalating at $3.1 million per day

JR West railway in Japan incentivizes safety employees by making them sit next to 185 mph trains

Passengers on BART help nab suspect in stabbing of another homeless man

S.F. Muni reopens after 2-month closure, to relief of displaced passengers

BART gets more security funding after stabbings

Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco county residents willing to pay sales tax for major Caltrain upgrades

New Yorkers driving into Manhattan bristling at proposed for congestion pricing

Going To The Dogs Dept: NY subway workers finds lost puppy at 3rd Avenue line station

Crossing gate software keeps screwing up, requiring flaggers at Denver commuter rail crossings

Memphis, TN Music City Star gets new station

State Legislature sends BART housing bill to Gov. Brown despite vicious NIMBY opposition

Sacramento Regional Transit proposes cutting fares, pass prices in effort to rebuild lost ridership

Highway fantasies abound at 8/29/18 Mercury News “Roadshow” column

State of Florida approves tax-free bonds for Brightline passenger rail service over objections of NIMBYs

BART closing Transbay Tube for repairs over Labor Day Weekend

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Rail-Related News, Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Photo credit: AP via SF Chronicle

Los Angeles Metro to attempt screening passengers with airport style full body scanners

U.S. commuter rail systems making progress on positive train control

Transit goes to the dogs, again. This time, on busses

BART trying to build housing at its stations, getting resistance from local NIMBYs

BART ridership drops at nights and on weekends due to increasing crime and Uber/Lyft

Among other things, presumptive CA governor Gavin Newsom wants to increase spending on transit, but how its paid for is unclear

As We Predicted Dept: few people “want” self-driving cars

Gavin Newsom defends gas tax increase and high-speed rail, attacks Trump

Marin-Sonoma SMART celebrates first full year of rail service

Hey, lady, make it a folding seat! Woman brings own seat on NY Subway. Not suggested for BART

Southern California Metrolink commuter rail awarded grant to study capital improvements

BART may replace all of its 600 fare gates, though it won’t be cheap

Tour of “train box” under new Transbay Transit Terminal in San Francisco

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Rail-Related News, Tuesday, August 14, 2018

CA high-speed rail is 11 years behind schedule: lawmakers want to know when it will benefit Southern California

Trump accused of stalling Sacramento streetcar. Locals must prove more, his officials respond

San Francisco trying to figure out how to pay the new operating costs for the new Salesforce (Transbay) Transit Center, in light of other urgent transit needs

Late night service returns to Tucson Sun Link streetcar

Ex-S.F. Mayor, gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom gets more than a bus station, he gets a really expensive bus station

Hey, BART, is this an example of how to do it?? Crime declines on San Diego Trolley as staff exposure to passengers increases

San Francisco Muni closure of Twin Peaks Tunnel for repairs exacerbates driver shortage

Video of Congressional hearing on CA high-speed rail

Beverly Hills High School brats protest Purple Line Subway that would be used by their “lessers”

Proposed aerial tram to Dodgers Stadium moves ahead

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Rail-Related News, Saturday, August 11, 2018

New Transbay Terminal set to open Sunday, August 12th. But no rail until 2029 or 2030…

First domino in the self-driving vehicle grift cottage industry falls: Uber gives up on self-driving trucks

eBART extension to Antioch packs them in: ridership 40% above estimates with massive parking shortage

San Jose Mercury: Protect excessive downtown San Jose parking supply for big-time corporate welfare queen (Sharks) at all costs during BART construction

Tensions between Caltrain and Burlingame NIMBYs run high due to electrification project

Gondola from street level to garden level of new Transbay Transit Center will not be in service in time for the project’s opening

S.F. Chronicle: CA gas tax politics a sign of dishonest times

The high cost of parking: one source says $700 billion+ subsidy/year

“Meet the Valley Link”: Alameda Co. Supe Scott Haggerty’s vision connecting San Joaquin County to BART

Future of Ashby BART station parking lot uncertain

Toronto’s GO Transit commuter train carrying the dog[s?], literally

Legislative bill would allow BART to build affordable housing on its properties without undue interference from NIMBYs

BART cops arrest slasher only 4 days after rampage on the trains

Local residents notice proposal for Highway 101 Lexus Lanes, become opposed

The Iron Laws of Economic Geography: In Europe at least, modern-day roads follow 2,000 old Roman road corridors

Sun Rises in East Dept: robocars too stupid to stop for common obstacles in roadways

Inside Amtrak’s new Acela express trains

Bay Area gets $2.16 billion, mostly useless icon with new Transbay Transit Center

So when will trains get to new Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco?

BART plans for spying directly on passenger slows down adoption of proposed $28 million safety plan

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