Rail-Related News, Saturday, July 7, 2018

Los Angeles will allow denser development near five Expo Line station

Honolulu rail project price tag hist $8.3 billion

Boston’s MBTA wants to put doors, barriers on subway platforms

Criminals steal copper wiring in Ottawa, disrupting O-Train service

Passenger who broke BART rules by eating on train focus of debate

California Republicans base their bets on repealing Jerry Brown’s gas tax increase; whether gas tax survives is unclear

New concept to beat the commute: live & work in same building (you know, just like cities in the Middle Ages)

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Rail-Related News, Wednesday, June 27, 2018

What you need to know about gasoline tax repeal that just made November 2018 ballot

Slow light rail trains in downtown San Jose may be sped up

Florida governor Rick Scott resurrects high speed rail between Orlando and Tampa, this time using private sector, a project he abandoned in 2011

Plan released for east-west rail between Kings and Tulare Counties, connecting to proposed high-speed rail station in Hanford

Sun Rises in East & We Told You So Dept: Everywhere, “micro transit” is a dismal failure

More on San Francisco’s Twin Peaks Tunnel closure

Sacramento is still waiting for $100 million for its downtown streetcar from the Trumpies

Zero-emission train for San Bernardino to Redlands would be first in U.S.

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Rail-Related News, Thursday, June 21, 2018

Plans for expanded rail service break out around the U.S.: St. Paul, MN to Eau Claire, WS

Empire Corridor Improvements in New York on schedule

Why are Bay Area subway and rail costs among the highest in the world?

Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox spars with Democrats over repeal of gas tax

How the Koch brothers are working against public transit projects around the U.S.

More on cleanup of BART’s Civic Center station

Los Angeles rail construction will create thousands of jobs; can a boarding school help fill them?

Koch brothers fail: Kansas City streetcar extension approved by voters in wide margin

Modern streetcar line in St. Paul, MN gets approvals; set to begin detailed planning and engineering

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Rail-Related News, Monday, June 18, 2018

SMART eyes regional toll revenues for Novato station shortfall

Handwringing over delays to opening of San Jose BART extension

New rail freight contract approved despite extreme opposition by “Trail Now” advocates who want to destroy the Santa Cruz Branch Line

BART to reevaluate program to catch fare cheaters after questions arise about its effectiveness

Elon Musk’s plans for Hyped Loop line between O’Hare Airport and The Loop draws proper skepticism

Higher bridge tolls could kickstop Caltrain/Facebook plan for reopening Dumbarton Rail Line

Google buying up land around Diridon Station in San Jose for its 20,000 employee transit village

Not every public-private transit venture in China works out, e.g., the way capitalism is supposed to work

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency begins planning subway extension to Fishermans’ Wharf area

BART claims it will be rid of wheel screeching noise by years end by reprofiling car wheels

BART extension to San Jose may not open until late 2019, nearly three years late

SMART extension to Larkspur on schedule to open in 2019

Los Angeles Metro plans train tunnel parallel to I-405 for 2028 Summer Olympics

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Rail-Related News, Sunday, Jun 10, 2018


Commuters slowly make their way through the traffic at the Bay Bridge toll plaza in Oakland, Calif., on Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017. (Laura A. Oda/Bay Area News Group)

Years of new construction now that RM-3 bridge toll increases approved by Bay Area voters

Relatively close vote on RM-3 shows difficultly ahead in approving future taxes for transportation

Truck goes around crossing gate, hits SMART train. Questions about quiet zones

San Francisco Muni to start running two-car trains on N-Judah

Facebook in deal with Caltrain to reopen Dumbarton rail line

Here’s when tolls will go up now that voters have approved RM-3

High-speed rail authority orders some bridge abutments rebuild due to flawed design; firm that designed them involved in several design flaw lawsuits

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Rail-Related News, Tuesday June 5, 2018

BART cites about 650-700 fare evaders per month, but less than 10% have paid up so far

Colorado Senators blast new Amtrak chief for threatening to withhold funding for Southwest Chief

Sun Rises in East Dept.: Silicon Valley growth to continue, along with it worsening housing woes

If trains ever begin operating to San Francisco’s new Transbay Transit Center, half the wiring may have to be replaced

Caltrans wants toll lanes on I-80 Yolo Causeway between Sacramento and Davis; no mention of expanding Capitol Corridor rail service

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