Rail-Related News, Tuesday, May 7th to Friday, May 11th, 2018

S.F. Muni Metro Twin Peaks Tunnel to be closed over summer for repairs, shuttle buses substitute

BART to receive second batch of new cars

Uber reveals what it thinks is a “flying car” but actually a somewhat more efficient helicopter replacement

Comedy of Errors (but not if you’re a taxpayer!), Gummit Bureaucrats Edition Dept: Contractor lays down wrong kind of track for S.F. Muni Central Subway project

New streetcar lines help produce new development, at least in some cities

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Rail-Related News Items, Monday, May 7, 2018

New BART trains on line being tested on San Jose extension and eBART to Antioch

Caltrain looking at its fare structure

If you want to OD on demographic and transportation data, the Bay Area’s MTC has a new website for you

San Jose Sharks sue BART over potential disruption to SAP Center parking lot

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Rail-Related News Items, Thursday, May 3, 2018

Now, a really, really important controversy: S.F. Muni’s new logo is “Dodger Blue” (sic) http://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Muni-new-logo-SFMTA-Dodgers-Giants-San-Francisco-12882148.php

Hyped Loop comes to France, bamboozling broke local governments

Memphis, TN Main Street trolley line back in service after 4 year break

New San Diego Trolley station opens at County Courthouse in San Diego

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Rail-Related News Items May 2, 2018

“Super Commuters” on the rise in California and elsewhere

More on $2.6 billion in Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program funds awarded to various California transit operators

More on West Santa Ana Branch Rail Line Recommended Route(s)

Streetsblog LA: Metro Draft Strategic Plan – Lofty Goals, Slippery Timelines, Few Surprises

Yes, Virginia, self-driving cars aren’t cracked up to what they claim to be

And The Sun Rises in the East Dept: Autonomous vehicles could add to congestion

Doh! Homer! Dept: Faster, more frequent transit service attracts more riders in upgraded bus corridor in Twin Cities

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Rail-Related News Items, Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sacramento’s improvement plan for Highway 50 and light rail corridor

BART and S.F. Muni’s new strategy to reduce the stench in their elevators: attendants

S.F. Chronicle reporters attempt to all ride S.F. Muni lines in one day (Good luck!) http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Live-updates-from-TotalMuni2018-12873525.php?t=5438ca53a5

Thomas Elias: fixing the biggest Bullet Train mistake – reroute along I-5

S.F. Muni’s oldest subway station celebrates its 100th year

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Dr. Graham Currie: Lies, Damned Lies, AVs, Shared Mobility, and Urban Transit Futures

Australian academic Graham Currie of Monash University talks sense about autonomous cars, the claims that public transit “has no future” and other technophilic nonsense:

Lies, Damned Lies, AVs, Shared Mobility, and Urban Transit Futures


It seems to me there is a gigantic lot of nonsense discussed about the future of transport and the future of public transport in particular. As a researcher in the field, I find my emotions boiling over. I get angry at blanket statements telling us public transport has no future and it seems to me much of what is talked about regarding transport futures flies in the face of facts and a long history of what knowledge has gleaned about the human condition, economics, cities, and travel. My hope is that readers will see prevailing discourse differently as a result of this paper and get to share my feelings on the matter. Either way, debating the issues is worthwhile and there are new perspectives of much value to debate.

This research paper aims to explore public transport futures but it also aims to challenge and “derail” what current common thinking is on transport futures. It starts with an outline of a rather unusual approach that will use “new words” as a novel medium to explain prevailing thinking. The paper actually begins at “The End” since it is important for readers to understand that prevailing thinking tends to believe that public transport has no future. The new word auto-no-(e)motion is then presented so that readers can assess if a future of autonomous cars is likely; or perhaps “the emperor has no clothes.” Next, the word non-o-sharing is introduced to help readers understand what I shall term the shared mobility lie. The paper then closes with a short outline of why public transport is the future of cities and presents the term transit fusion as a new way of explaining how developments in our past will enhance the future of public transport in cities.

Link to article: http://scholarcommons.usf.edu/jpt/vol21/iss1/3/

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