Rail-Related News, Friday, February 15, 2019, 99.8% High-Speed Rail Edition

A Reality Now? Source: California Political Review (http://www.capoliticalreview.com/)

Governor Newsom’s plan cutting back high-speed rail a big blow to the Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco

(Editorial) Newsom cuts back high-speed rail to San Joaquin Valley

Newsom’s confusing high-speed rail stance leaves downtown extension to Transbay Transit Center in limbo

(Editorial) Will Newsom’s cut back of high-speed rail and water tunnels fix problems, or create new ones?

(Editorial) Abandoning high-speed rail would be a mistake for California, the country and the planet

California scales back high-speed train

Newsom stirs high-speed rail furor and confusion

Silicon Valley politicians hold out hope for Merced-San Jose high-speed rail connection

Newsom scales back LA-SF- high-speed train

Governor Newsom kicks S.F. high-speed rail down the tracks

MTC undertaking “scenario planning” for its next regional transportation plan

There’s nothing ridiculous about trains replacing plans. But there’s a better way than current CA high-speed rail

From the original anti-high-speed railers at the “Reason Foundation”

“Sanity Reaches Sacramento” from the original anti-rail railfan, Randal O’Toole, with the usual inane comments

New TexRail line in Fort Worth is popular, prompting calls for major expansion

“Shocking” cut to California’s troubled high-speed rail project solves some problems and creates others

Link to LA Times collection of high-speed rail articles

Newsom says high-speed rail serving the Central Valley is not a “train to nowhere”

Governor Newsom’s office clarifies his high-speed rail comments

California’s high-speed rail by the numbers

The California high-speed train that wasn’t: the opportunity cost of mega-projects

Conservative Washington Examiner declares ditching California high-speed rail is end of “Green New Deal” before the latter even begins

Another column by a conservative “Why the United States will never have high-speed rail”

California trims its high-speed rail ambitions

California drastically cuts its high-speed rail plan–latest example of the U.S. failing to do what the rest of the world has figured out

Gavin Newsom to scale back, not abandon, California’s high-speed rail

Is high speed rail in the U.S. ever going to happen?

California high-speed rail: world’s most expensive streetcar project?

“California high-speed rail is still on”

Editorial: S.F. must salvage Caltrain extension to Transbay Transit Center

Trump demands California return high-speed rail money as confusion spreads about Newsom’s plan

The confusion is “full steam ahead” after Governor Newsom’s high-speed rail announcements

Bullet train went from peak California innovation to the project from hell

Did dream of high-speed trains die in California and the U.S.? No, it still could be a reality

Opinion: California high-speed rail is Still On

Opinion: It’s a change in direction for high-speed rail in California, not its end

Is California’s controversial bullet train still headed to the Bay Area?

Editorial: Newsom injects reality into Brown’ bullet train delusion, but still wants to throw good money after bad

Is Gavin Newsom right to slow down California’s high-speed train?

Someone Looked At A Map Dept.: high-speed rail Central Valley can already connect to Bay Area via existing tracks

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