Rail-Related News, Friday, November 22, 2018

In downtown Toronto, Canada, lanes are given to streetcar riders, who outnumbered car users by at least two to one.

Voters reject California gas tax repeal, pass transit taxes in Florida, Texas

Milwaukee starts long-delayed downtown streetcar

First light rail cars arrive for Crenshaw.LAX line in Los Angeles

More on defeat of Proposition 6 that would have repealed the recent California gas tax increase

Marin passes transportation sales tax continuance, may help improve connections to SMART

San Mateo sales tax for transportation “too close to call” two days after election

About major transportation projects “spared the knife” from gas tax repeal’s defeat

The ongoing saga of the Salesforce Transbay Transit Center: determining cause of beam cracks to take even more weeks

Opening of BART extension to San Jose still a year away, though nearly 100% of construction is complete

How to increase streetcar ridership: Toronto shows how by giving streetcars their own lanes

Notice that trains and ferries tend to have lower operating costs and subsidies than most bus systems

Hey, I thought they already owned it! New York MTA purchases Harlem and Hudson Lines, Grand Central for $35 million

Cracks in Salesforce Transbay Transit Center due to bad materials, not flawed terminal design

BART unveils new entrance canopy at Powell Street station entrance

From the Dark Side(tm) Dept.: Bay Area freeways that were never built (video)

Gullible Mainstream Press(tm) Dept.: Despite this article, “Rolling Bordellos” unlikely to happen since AVs many decades away, if they arrive at all

A second BART Transbay Tube could happen

Gold Line construction authority mulls plan to deliver Gold Line LRT extension two years earlier

BART announces plan for 2nd Transbay Tube

Audit of CA high-speed rail program says rushing construction cost at $600 million, caused other delays and cost overruns

In move that may kill current L.A. Union Station plans, after FBI raid L.A. City Councilman stripped of assignments

Costs of California high-speed rail continue to grow

Crenshaw Line between mid-city Los Angeles and LAX may be delayed a year

Tacoma breaks ground on 2.4 mile streetcar extension, to open in 2022

Acquiring land from farmers in San Joaquin Valley for high-speed rail is a “lifetime job”

Morocco in Africa gets its first true high-speed rail line before North America

Opinion: California high-speed rail runs on deceit, should be scrapped

Another story on BART proposal for a 2nd Transbay Tube between Oakland and San Francisco

Amtrak San Joaquins facing ridership declines despite recent schedule changes

Well, dogs and coyotes are know to be transit riders. What about turkeys, perhaps trying to flee Thanksgiving? ;-0

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