Rail-Related News, June 15 – July 14, 2019 (Part 1)

Latest CanadianLRT opened late June, 2019 in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

BART plans to stop selling paper tickets by the end of 2019

BART to receive $300 million to begin project to expand Transbay Tube capacity

Little annoyances on BART that passengers can do something about

New light rail system opens in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada)

State of California approves inspector general to ride herd on BART

How BART “sweeps” trains to ensure no homeless people camp overnight in the yard

Violent crime on BART doubles in four years due to lack of police, presence on trains, fare evaders

From the Dark Side: Late 40’s plan to destroy the Bay and Bay Area with giant dikes, dams and freeways

Only one BART fare evader has paid fines, out of 6,000+ tickets

S.F. Muni fixes safety issues on new light rail cars

San Francisco appoints task force to review Muni service, make improvement recommendation

If your dog rides transit, he/she may need a Clipper Card (like a kid)
(Cats have to stay in their boxes!)

As BART fare evaders run amok, critics on social media pounce

LA Metro approves Union Station run-through tracks without overhead concourse

Grand Jury reports says Santa Clara County VTA is most expensive, lease efficient transit system in the U.S.

Bay Area transit managers consider their bureaucratic interests rather than the public, “punt” on fare integration

Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco reopens–at first without buses

Silicon Valley “powers that be” still want Airport connection, despite failure of “personal rapid transit”

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