Rail-Related News, Monday, April 1, 2019

Know how to press the right buttons is key to BART train operators’ job

Journal of an “unnecessary” trip across the U.S. via Amtrak long-distance train

A design for “very light rail” automated rail services

Utah wants to upgrade Front Runner from diesel to electric, more double-tracking for 15-minute service, but lacks the funding

Public transit infrastructure needs at least $232 billion according to American Public Transit Association

Contract disputes may further delay opening of S.F.’s Central Subway

Bay Area voters apparently willing to pay more sales taxes for transportation fixes, not so much for affordable housing

$100 million Kansas City streetcar fuels $2 billion+ real estate boom

Stubborn university guilty of federal science research fraud forces cancellation of light rail system in North Carolina

Lyft IPO funding extends company’s pending bankruptcy two more years to 2023

Rogue streetcar operator printed his own S.F. Muni timetables before Muni finally decided they needed to, too

A good use of congestion pricing revenues: improve regional train services

Seeing Canada by train

In a first, New York state legislators approve congestion pricing for Manhattan, using funds to rebuild subway system

Rail is a lot cleaner than driving or flying (and more fuel efficient, too, when operated properly)

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