Rail -Related News, Monday, February 11, 2019

Alstom hydrogen-powered train. Source: Alstom

All options for the Sepulveda transit corridor parallel to L.A.’s I-405 would carry over 100,000 daily passengers

San Fernando Valley to West L.A. in 20 minutes, according to L.A. Metro study of Sepulveda Pass rail line

(Editorial) Don’t eliminate serving Pershing Square in downtown L.A. as part of Santa Ana rail project

Salesforce Transbay Transit Center to remain closed until at least June 2019

More on planning for the Sepulveda transit corridor in Los Angeles

Following proposal for an L.A. Dodgers gondola to Dodger Stadium, Oakland proposes gondola for new A’s stadium

Alstom’s hydrogen train going on tour in Germany

Congestion is only way to fix broken transportation, according to Curbed.com

Santa Rosa, Healdsburg gain SMART rail system board seats after many years

BART engineers on quest to foil fare evaders with improved gates, other tech fixes

How transportation can transform a city (Seattle) transit, removed waterfront freeway

How the Palos Verdes Peninsula would have been different if a proposed Pacific Electric rail line had been built

Competing political “needs” divert funding, slowing down receipt of new S.F. Muni light railcar purchases

City of San Jose in “discussions” with Elon Musk from tunnel connecting Caltrain/Amtrak station with airport

Update on Sepulveda Pass transit solutions

BART and Amtrak to look at new joint bay crossing

BART testing on new line to San Jose picks up; tentative opening November 1

BART to discontinue early morning service to allow Transbay Tube rehabilitation

Caltrain OKs discounts for low income riders

Impacts of starting BART service at 5:00 a.m. rather than 4:00 a.m.

On high speed rail, would the real Governor Newsom please stand up?

“Green New Deal” says it wants to fix U.S. passenger trains

What BART could have been

Bay Area transit fantasy maps

All about the BART Transbay Tube seismic retrofit

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