Rail-Related News, Monday, March 18, 2019

Advances in battery technology drive new approach to streetcar and bus projects

You can’t ride a train directly from Modesto to San Francisco, but that will change in the future

Facebook and other private money may drive new rail service across Dumbarton
SMART’s review of its fare structure could occur soon, or next year

[Commentary] Why not try a “faster” speed rail system first? It could work now

From the Dark Side Dept.: Lyft IPO shows billion dollar loss. Will the IPO succeed?

/And the Sun Rises in the East Dept: Improve transit service, increase ridership (and keep bums off the buses)

Trump plan to end high-speed rail funding “rash and unlawful”

New S.F. Muni Metro seats not popular with riders

BART fare gate jumpers rarely wind up paying tickets

Caltrain to sell naming rights to stations, etc.

The Bay Area’s biggest transportation projects

Grant will help with project to double-track Capitol Corridor near Levi (49’er) Stadium in Santa Clara

BART to spend nearly $100 million to repair broken-down escalators in San Francisco

Los Angeles International Airport people-mover to break ground

BART claims “new technology” would have prevented recent system-wide meltdown

Nearly 50 years after system opening, BART “add-fare” machines to finally accept credit and debit cards

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