Rail-Related News thru Sunday, May 5, 2019

Los Angeles Union Station is 80 years old in 2019.

[Opinion] Let’s raise the gas tax! target=”_blank”

Bay Area establishment wants new taxes focusing on new Bay crossings

Brightline trains in Florida growing pains

[National Geographic] To build the city of future, we need to limit auto usage

Why Governor Newsom has doubts about high speed rail and other big infrastructure projects

San Diego’s Mid-Coast Trolley construction reaches halfway point

A revolution in how freight railroad operate upends how freight moves

Uh, oh! Motorheads! Congestion pricing looming for San Francisco area

BART extension to San Jose faces yet more delays

New highway bridge across San Francisco Bay would lead to parking woes

California high-speed rail CEO has new plan to reach San Jose, “center of their universe” (sic) [PAYWALL]

SMART considers early renewal of sales tax, reducing fares for low income riders

BART extension to San Jose: “it’s complicated”

BART puts more force into crackdown on fare evaders

Shrink and MTC bureaucrat on radio: “Learning to Accept Bay Area Traffic”

Well, bridge tolls will continue to be increased as lawsuit tossed

Transbay Transit Center repair work creep forward

Maps show destruction of U.S. urban rail systems from early 20th Century to now

Early June reopening of the Transbay Transit Center appears possible

BART’s ride gets bumpier as current General Manager announces her retirement

Though high-speed rail moves forward in San Joaquin Valley, many residents still oppose it

Kansas City streetcar fuels economic boom

S.F. Muni plans to speed up T-3rd St line by eliminating midline “switchbacks”

SMART seeks to extend its sales tax beyond 2028 to finance bonds, among other things

110 mph rail corridors connecting Detroit to Ann Arbor and Toledo proposed

New S.F. Muni Metro trains have defective doors

Editorial: New track for BART

Transbay Transit Center repairs almost complete, but reopening date is still uncertain

BART approves license plate readers for station parking lots, “…to fight crime…”

BART crackdown on fare evaders negatively impacts wheelchair users

How California high-speed rail was railroaded by high-priced consultants

S.F. Muni locks back doors of new light rail vehicles after woman caught and dragged by them

There is no money for Vermont Ave rail line, but L.A. Metro continues to study it

Los Angeles Union Station turns 80

Los Angeles Metro board wants some high-speed rail money for its own projects

San Diego County regional planning authority proposes huge transit expansion program

Its been 150 years since the Transcontinental Railroad opened

San Francisco’s Central Subway opening delayed AGAIN, from 2019 to 2020

The Richmond-San Rafael Bridge is falling down, falling down…

Costs for high-speed rail may increase by $1.8 billion

California’s high-speed rail may start with diesel trains

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