Rail-Related News, Tuesday, February 26, 2019 88.6% High-Speed Rail Edition

Ron Diridon, Sr. For which the Caltrain/Amtrak Station in San Jose is named

Former Santa Clara County supervisor Rod Diridon–the not-yet-dead politician for which the Caltrain/Amtrak station in downtown San Jose is named–chimes in

No, Governor Newsom did not kill high-speed rail. What is his Plan B?

California’s high-speed rail is still on. But how will it move forward?

How high-speed rail went off the rails

Why California’s bullet train remains a distant dream

Trump’s Federal Railroad Administration intents to cancel last increment of high-speed rail funding

Trump Administration cancels funding for California high-speed rail, wants $2.5 billion already spent back

Trump Administration cancels last $929 million for high-speed rail, wants already spent funding back

California high-speed rail CEO says the program will go on, despite Trump’s threats

California transportation future will be a wild ride

Why plans for high-speed rail keep riding off the rails in the U.S.

S.F. Muni officials under pressure to improve subway service

Border wall vs. high-speed rail? War of words between California and Trump explodes

How trains under the Bay–not high-speed rail–may connect the Bay Area and Sacramento

Can Gavin Newsom put high-speed rail back on track? He may need involuntary help from Trump

Will California high-speed rail be derailed by waffling governor and a petty president?

Newsom can thank Trump for saving him from his high-speed rail flub

War of words between California and Trump over high-speed rail may only be beginning

Battle over high-speed rail money is part of Trump’s war on California

Trump rescues Newsom: Too bad the feds didn’t cut off California’s bullet train sooner

Dan Walters: It’s time to derail the train to nowhere

Can Trump take back California high-speed rail money that has already been spent? A look at the battle ahead

Governor Newsom faces challenges in taking high-speed rail forward

Is there enough room in the new Transbay Terminal for the planned level of Caltrain service?

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