Rail-Related News, Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bill signed by Governor Brown gives BART direct control over housing and other development on its station properties

Some state politicians say it’s time to “hit the pause button” on high-speed rail

Contractor who handled problematic cracking beams at the new Transbay Transit Center also involved in problems with San Jose BART extension

Due to quirks in state law, San Mateo County BART stations exempted from fare evasion crackdown

California highs-speed rail needs a keeper, er, conductor

From the Dark Side Dept: Correcting an oversight, cops can now impound non-licenses self-driving cars

Proposed 2nd Transbay Tube may be routed under City of Alameda, include Amtrak and other regional trains

Transbay Transit Center may remain closed through at least early November

“Who dunnit?” remains open question for cracked steel beams at Transbay Transit Center

Redwood City to study future grade separations of Caltrain line, emphasizing Whipple Ave

SMART sells site next to downtown Santa Rosa station for housing project

The problematic Transbay Transit Center shows why we need to fix how we do mega projects

Sophisticated quake alerts lets BART trains stop before shaking starts

Legendary bus and train bandit winds up locked up in mental hospital

Cox, Newsom clash in debate over gas tax repeal and other transportation issues

Safety concerns of passengers remain high on BART

New parking garage at Dublin-Pleasanton BART station begins

What California’s recent gas tax increase actually costs you

BART to quadruple sidewalk washing at 16h St and 24th St stations in San Francisco

BART fined $1.3 million over track worthier deaths in 2013

If voters repeal recent gas tax increase, major projects in jeopardy

Maybe the SMART extension to [0.3 miles away] from the Larkspur Ferry Terminal will reduce pressure on parking

Southern California Metrolink considers extending discount fares on San Bernardino line

Dramatic improvements in T-Third Street light rail service promised when Central Subway opens in 2019

Sandy Springs, GA floating gondolas as possible alternative to light rail

High-speed rail could transform Fresno. Or it might not.

New renderings of Airport Metro connecting station on L.A. Crenshaw/LAX line

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