Two Weeks of Rail News, Thanksgiving to December 7, 2018

BART getting quieter as wheels are re-turned to better design

Los Angeles Westside and South Bay disagree on how to connect future Crenshaw Line and existing Green Line light rail

Del Mar opposes safety fencing to keep people falling off their bluffs next to the railroad tracks

Four damaged rail cars arrive at SMART yard in Santa Rosa, delaying expanded service

California Cap & Trade revenues increase significantly, providing more funds for high-speed rail and other programs

NY governor Cuomo meets with Trump, says Trump “understands” need for additional Hudson River tunnels into New York City

Salesforce Transbay Transit Center not likely to reopen until sometime in 2019

After local homeowners sue over City of L.A. attempt to exempt his project from environmental rules, Elon Musk drops plans for West Los Angeles tunnels

Streetcars and development: “It’s Complicated”

Santa Rosa cancels little-used downtown SMART shuttle

San Mateo County voters give transportation sales tax measure bare 2/3 majority; some funding for Caltrain

New BART train toy both mocked, praised on Twitter

Bay Area bridge tolls to go up, again, in January 2019–no one shows up at public hearing to oppose future increases

Cuomo to Trump: Take Amtrak off Gateway Tunnel project. Multi-state authority for Northeast Corridor?

State audit recommends California High-Speed Rail Authority take construction management in-house, away from consultants

Buses, trains key to reaching proposed ~20,000 jobs “Googleville” in downtown San Jose

In light of declining ridership on its long-distance trains, Amtrak offering 2 for 1 roomette service

Santa Ana-Garden Grove streetcar breaks ground, obtains Federal grant approvals

S.F. Muni misses another deadline on T-Third construction

Alaska Railroad returns passenger and freight service to its entire route within a week of 7.0 earthquake

Ten years of high speed rail in China

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