After several years as a member of the TRAC Board of Directors, Susan MacAdams was elected Vice President in 2021. She has had a long work history designing track alignments for various transit agencies. Susan’s last major role was as the High-Speed Rail Planning Manager for LA Metro. Susan first came to the attention of TRAC through her advocacy blowing the whistle on various flaws in HSR and Metro planning. Some of the letters below represent the period before she joined the TRAC Board.

These documents level very serious allegations against the HSR project. Because of their seriousness, they demand a public airing. While they are convincing on their face, TRAC does not have adequate technical expertise to vet them. If any rail professionals would care to offer their independent evaluation, either pro or con, please write us:

Request for Stop Work Order, Merced-Fresno Section

Request for HSR Stop Work Order, plus attachments. April 11, 2018

Response from Frank Vacca, Authority Chief Program Manager, California High Speed Rail Authority, July 25, 2018

Response to Frank Vacca, Stop Work Order Request with attachments, August 27, 2018

HSR Didn’t Plan for the High-Voltage Towers

2014 Comment Letter on High-Speed Rail Needs for High Voltage Electrical Lines

Comments on high voltage power relocation costs for California High Speed Rail, May 7, 2018.pdf

Burbank HSR Station Plans: Fatal Flaws

2014 Letter Regarding High-Speed Rail Palmdale to Burbank Project Section (Proposed Tunnels)

2015 Fatal Flaws: Burbank Airport HSR Station & Tunnels E1, E2, and E3, Palmdale to Burbank Project Section, CAHSR

2016 Update on Fatal Flaws of the CHSRA Tunneling Designs near Burbank Airport

Proposed Burbank Airport High-Speed Rail Station locations map

Fatal Flaws HSR Burbank schematic map

Union Station Plans: Fatal Flaws

2014 Letter on High Speed Rail, Burbank to Los Angeles Project Section, Union Station Comments, August 25, 2014

2014 Fatal Flaws in the Union Station Master Plan, Final Plan dated September 17, 2014

Los Angeles Union Station photo by Alan Weeks, Copyright 2017. Used with permission.